Ended Event:
US 61 northbound: Emergency repairs.
Between Boyce Tower Road and I-10 (2 miles south of the Sorrento area). Emergency repairs are in progress. The entrance ramp is closed.

Web Comment: US 61 north bound access ramp to I-10 west bound is closed indefinitely in Ascension Parish. This closure is due to damage to the ramp overpass from an over height load. This ramp will remain closed until repairs can be made. Suggested alternate routes are as follows: Take US 61 north to LA 22. Turn left on LA 22 and head south toward the I-10 interchange. Coming from Gramercy on US 61; turn onto LA 641 and proceed north to the I-10 interchange.
US 61 northbound: Emergency repairs.
Map of US 61 northbound: Emergency repairs.
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Expired: (US 61 northbound: Emergency repairs, entrance ramp closed.)
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